Must-see bad advertising!

Apprenticeads_1Speaking of product placement, if you work in advertising, you may have woken up this morning feeling much better about your profession. As last night’s episode of The Apprentice amply illustrated, creating ads isn’t child’s play. The two teams—one with high-level educations, and the other without—made two of the worst commercials we’ve seen in a long time (to launch Dove’s new Cool Moisture line). Thanks to Yahoo!, you can stream them here in all of their jaw-dropping awfulness, though we admit to having trouble getting it to work. (Donny—need we mention his last name? No, we needn’t—judged the ads with two of his cohorts; all three hated both.)

While we’re on the subject, just once we’d like to see the ending of The Apprentice be a little more true to life. Instead of the loser walking out of Trump Tower into a waiting cab in dry conditions, he or she should have to chase a cab down in the rain, only to be beaten out by some New Yorker spouting obscenities. Now that would be reality TV.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor