Mushy, Gushy Google Ad Will Make You Say ‘I Do’ to a Nexus 5

Every wedding imaginable

Google continues its heartstring-pulling communications strategy with this lovey-dovey wedding-themed spot for the Nexus 5 that sells the smartphone by selling the camera. It's apparently a super-sweet camera that can compensate for movement, do some weird panorama thing and capture decent stuff in low light. Since phones are now most people's primary camera, the one-feature approach is smart. Google also takes care to cover basically every wedding imaginable: mountain-top weddings, beach weddings, gay weddings, old-people weddings, and nutty-people-who-like-to-dress-up-as-generic-superheroes weddings. They've covered pretty much every religion and race. They even included an interracial couple. That's some nice box-checking, right there. Though it's a hodge-podge and not a single compelling story line like a lot previous Nexus work, it's hard not to be moved by weddings. All the warm-fuzzies it brings makes me feel like they're serious about that whole don't-be-evil thing.