MTV Tr3s wonders: Can you hear us now?

I find the idea of losing my ears profoundly disturbing. For one thing, my head doesn’t look so great with them attached. Without them, well … it couldn’t be an improvement. Thus, these promos for MTV Tr3s creep me out. See a couple of them here and here. They show ears falling off young Latinos who haven’t listened to good music in a while. (The theme is, “Use them or lose them.”) The message seems to be that ears prefer the songs on MTV Tr3s. But they play Shakira, so I doubt it. The campaign reminds me of Blue Velvet, which begins with the discovery of a severed ear. That movie revived Dennis Hopper’s career, and now we’re tortured by the guy’s crappy Ameriprise spots. You sold out, man! The MTV Tr3s ads also make me think of Vincent van Gogh, who cut off part of his ear. I don’t think Shakira was involved. But if Mike 93.7 plays “Hips Don’t Lie” one more time, I might just lop off my own ears in protest.

—Posted by David Gianatasio