MTV sees you frolicking with muddy ladies

The folks at MTV, of all people, are urging young people to turn off their computers and TVs and go outside sometimes. In new ads from 180 Amsterdam (the agency that sounds like a skateboard trick), the reasoning is simple: As sweet as high scores and headshots are, the real world has its own treasures, like hot, dirty girls in bikinis trying to move pickup trucks that are stuck in the mud. The gamer in this ad doesn’t actually meet the ladies, which may be a good thing. In fact, they might want to alter the campaign to include a sliding scale—Grand Theft Auto 4 and Halo players are probably mainstream enough to fit into polite society, but people involved in message board arguments about Fallout 3′s departure from canon should stay on the couch. See more at the MTV Switch Web site.

—Posted by David Kiefaber