The MTA won’t let this matter ride

As you may have read, Jews for Jesus has been on a full-court press lately, spending a lot of time in and around subway stations preaching to the unconverted. (In fact, there were plenty of JforJ reps at the aforementioned Mets game, standing just outside the entrance to the No. 7 train handing out fliers.) But, according to the MTA, its love of the subways has gone a bit too far; it put the, um, kibosh not only on T-shirts the group planned to sell that were an obvious homage to the subway system, but also to images the group used on its site that re-appropriated subway signage. (Check out the cute little "Jews for Jesus" subway tokens!) According to this story, the MTA was finally appeased when Jews for Jesus traded in the MTA’s candy-colored circles for Stars of David, as pictured above.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor