Mr. Lincoln still gets no commercial respect

Having appeared with an amphibious rodent on behalf of a sleep medication (Rozerem), as an unsuccessful stovepipe-hat-toting job applicant (College Level Exam Program, circa early '70s) and in innumerable tawdry tie-ins for annual Presidents Day sales, what latest commercial humiliation must our noble 16th president suffer? Have no fear,  Regis and Kelly have the answer. In a new spot from Tierney Communications, TD Bank features Abraham Lincoln fretting over pennies and ultimately walking off the set while the extremely unhelpful ad duo look on. Have Reeg and K.R. been advised that in 2009 the U.S. government will celebrate the 200th birthday of the Great Emancipator with, yes, newly minted 1-cent pieces? Has the Toronto-based financial company forgotten that it was Lincoln who brokered an unlikely peace between America and Canada in 1861 (during the Trent Affair). Note to President-Elect Obama: Ad injury to your Honest Illinois forebear has been duly noted.

—Posted by Jim English