Movie-style save-the-date trailer: the sequel

Mike Wolozak and Christen Ford

Being a masochist, I was just sitting here thinking, "Wouldn't it be great to see another movie-trailer-style save-the-date wedding video?" Fade in on Chicago's Mike Wolozak and Christen Ford, whose two-minute clip is rated T, for "Truly in love." Ye-ah, I should've stopped watching right there at the 1-second mark, but I hung in and found it vaguely amusing in a soul-crushing, man-our-culture-sucks kind of way. Christen's gal-pal Kerry steals the show by bragging, "I'm the best matchmaker in Chicago" (hey, someone has to be) and, while kickin' back on a leather sofa with a glass of red wine, dialing up the hard sell on behalf of Mike: "Me and my friends always hang out with him on the boat. Little Pollack from Chicago. Great guy." That's better dialogue than we get from Anniston and Sandler. Indeed, the Mike-Christen video milks the the romantic-comedy set-up for all it's worth—which, alas, wouldn't cover the price of a ticket to Just Go With It. Check out the contrasting approach used previously by Jeff and Erin, whose category-defining mini-epic tossed in gloriously geeky nods to familiar blockbuster flicks. Inexplicably, I wasn't invited to Jeff and Erin's wedding, and I haven't been asked to attend Mike and Christen's, though my utter lack of a social life guarantees that July 23 is a date I can indeed save. Some advice for other betrothed would-be auteurs: Before shouting "Action!" and lensing cinematic pap to foist on innocent, unsuspecting family and friends, please—for the love of Godard!—elope.