Movie posters that make you go, ‘Huh?’

You just don’t see movie posters like the ones on this site anymore. Which is for the best, because they (like the films they advertise) look pretty hackneyed and awful. Some of them, like Is Stalin Alive? and The Incredible Two-Headed Transplant, look more like tabloid stories than movies. A couple of the visuals, like Bigfoot savaging a biker gang, would be impressive if the corresponding movie had a decent budget, but then you have stuff like Boss N-gger, which can’t be salvaged, even as kitsch. Most intriguing, I think, is the Moby Dick film starring Mel Gibson, which could alternately have been called The Passion of the Ahab. The best tagline goes to The Whore’s Son, which goes with the heartbreaking slogan, “In spite of everything, she’s still your mom.” Via Spare Room.

—Posted by David Kiefaber