This movie poster is not yet approved

Posterwire is reporting on some mainstream media outlets’ objection to the ad shown here (and another one, with a male model) advertising the movie This Film Is Not Yet Rated. It quotes an IFC rep: “The NY Times and the LA Times (among many others) both rejected our ads, because they said they were ‘vulgar.’ Also, we had to alter the artwork for outdoor, as Clear Channel would not allow a clear shot of an ass.” Of course, this type of thing is good publicity for any film—but particularly one that deals with the “censorship” (as some directors see it) inherent in the MPAA’s controversial film-ratings system. And IFC naturally is playing it up. Posterwire nicely points out: “A documentary film about problems with MPAA ratings system, which is being released unrated because of the very ratings system it criticizes, being marketed with ‘uncensored’ movie posters ‘they wouldn’t let you see.’ … Is this what advertising executives refer to as branding?” Via Movie Marketing Madness.