Mountain Dew: a little bit rock ’n’ roll

Over the weekend, MTV2 held a taping for its version of the battle of the bands, the so-called Dew Circuit Breakout 06, in New York. Three bands—Halifax, Fallen From the Sky and Zolof The Rock & Roll Destroyer (not to be confused with Zoloft the rock ’n’ roll antidepressant)—performed live for a chance to win prizes and a slot on an upcoming national tour. Those of you looking to get involved can go vote at MTV2 and watch the results show this Saturday. AdFreak will be voting early and often for Fallen From the Sky, a hardcore band not afraid of melody whose frontman bears an eerie resemblance to Jackass star Steve-O. This is the fourth year for the Mountain Dew event; the agency behind the promotion is Salt Lake City-based FreedomZone. During the afterparty, the video artist Bec Stupak put up some pretty cool visuals on the wall which depicted the MTV2 logo transforming into the Dew Circuit Breakout logo. Stupak has done other commercial work, including an ad for Casa Barcadi, which you can see here.

—Posted by Kamau High