Mountain Dew gets back to its hillbilly roots

Dew As none of you will remember (don’t worry, I barely do), one of my first AdFreak posts was about how Mountain Dew should bring back their old “hillbilly running out of an outhouse” label. Well, now they have—in a limited edition, anyway. It’s part of a project called the Green Label Alert, wherein the Dew gets hip types like skateboard designers (Mark Nardello), graffiti taggers (Dr. Revolt) and a DC Shoes maker (Methamphibian) to rework their labels as they see fit. For his submission, stencil artist Peat Wollaeger honors the former moonshine mixer by resurrecting the hillbilly. Wollaeger talks about his design here; check out the other artist videos here. Many of these bottles look pretty cool. And Methamphibian and Dr. Revolt need to be fighting Spiderman in a comic book, like, now.

—Posted by David Kiefaber