Motorola Disses Both Apple and Samsung in Ad That Picks Up Where Samsung’s Left Off

Ogilvy Paris spot urges you to 'up-upgrade'

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Samsung made fun of Apple for the millionth time in its most recent smartphone ad earlier this month (which included some pretty inspired visual mockery). But now, Motorola goes after both of them—in a spot from Ogilvy Paris that picks up exactly where the Samsung spot ended.

Samsung’s hero, you’ll remember, was last seen walking away from the Apple Store, having spied the creepy Apple fanboy with the inadvisable notch hairstyle. Motorola’s ad catches up with the Samsung dude (different actor, though a lookalike) and follows him home, where he has finally switched from his beloved iPhone to the Galaxy Note 8—following relationship-length cues from his long-suffering girlfriend.

But wait, his girlfriend doesn’t use a Samsung anymore!

The spot pushes the moto z family of phones. Oglivy tells us they imagined and produced it in just two weeks. And while it comes off as a bit thrown together, it makes its point well enough. (And that Insta-Share projector does look pretty badass.) “Up-upgrade” is also an amusing call to action.

So now, I guess it’s Apple’s turn to make fun of Motorola making fun of Samsung making fun of Apple. And we’ll need the spot by next Friday.

Jan Huckfeldt – CMO
Olivier François – Executive Director Global Engagement Marketing
Roberto Gomez Reyes – Global Brand and Retail Marketing Director
Cole Moir – Global Lead Digital & Social
Ruben Juninck – Global Engagement Marketing Manager

Ogilvy Paris:
Natalie Rastoin – President Ogilvy Paris
Jamie Standen – Creative Director
Mark Forgan – Creative Director
Emmanuel Ferry – Managing Director
Ben Messiaen – Business Partner
Astrid Aude – Account Manager
Brune Sabran – Account Executive
Diane de Bretteville – Producer

Production house – Sovage
Director – Lucas Posson
Director of photography – Ludovic Zuily
Head of production – Lorette Delva
Producer – Willy Morencé
Post production house – NOD

@nudd Tim Nudd is a former creative editor of Adweek.