Motorcyclists are people too, says U.K. PSA

The U.K. Department of Transport's THINK! campaign produced this pretty cool spot telling drivers to watch out for motorcyclists. Research suggested that drivers who personally know a biker are more respectful of motorcycles on the road—hence the garish neon signs, which make it seem like you know these people. At highway speeds, they're also a much safer method of introducing oneself than handshakes. Plus, they provide much-needed illumination, since none of the bikers seem to have reflectors or other safety lights. All kidding aside, there's a certain Walter Hill quality to the camerawork and setting that I really liked, and AMV BBDO did a really good job of communicating the human element of this advisory without excessive sentimentalism. Now, if someone could only ship those big signs to Baltimore and strap them to pedestrians.

—Posted by David Kiefaber

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