Mother N.Y. Staff Posed for Hairdo Pics That Their Local Barber Shop Is Using for Real

Fun project at the Port Authority

It's gotta be the hair.

Mother New York staffers have quietly pulled off a very fun agency selfie project, helping to replace the dated hairdo pics in the window of their favorite local barber shop with stylish portraits of the Mother employees themselves.

The project, for John's Barber Shop in NYC's Port Authority, gave the window treatments "a much needed facelift," reps for the agency tell AdFreak. "Employees are featured for their style, grace and excellent work in what will become a postmodern take on the glamour shot."

The project was Mother's idea. The agency approached John, the namesake barber, who allowed them to execute the project. (There was no cost to John.) And this could be just the beginning. The agency says it hopes to update "many more" barber shops in the future, and that the photos will also be uploaded to stock image sites for use.

Check out a bunch of the shots below. Agency co-founder Paul Malmstrom even sat for a portrait—he's the first pic here. 

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