Mother London Predicts Your Future on Psychic T-Shirts

Lucinda Clare enlisted for charity effort

Mother's Psychic Tees. Sounds slightly dirty, but in fact it's a holiday charity effort by London ad agency Mother involving T-shirts that foretell the future. Hmm, I thought only tube socks could do that. The agency has enlisted psychic Lucinda Clare, who claims to have worked for the police, celebrities and the mafia, each of whom at some point need to know where to bury bodies and/or dig them up. Mother sent Clare 100 blank T-shirts, and she then predicted what 2012 has in store for their eventual owners. The video below explains more. I predict folks will pay £100 (about $155) for each shirt. See, that's not so hard. Mother injects an ominous note: "One T-shirt is unavailable for sale. Miss Clare has refused to say what she saw when predicting this garment." Probably meant for Herman Cain or Howard Draft. All proceeds benefit Age UK, a charity for the elderly. The shirts must be selected by number, and there's also no size guide. Mother explains: "If the T-shirt does not fit, then perhaps it was meant for another? You will know who." The buyers' fortunes will be printed on the shirts, and they get an audio clip of Clare's prediction as well. Potentially unhappy customers are forewarned, in what might be the campaign's most prescient proclamation: "Destinies cannot be returned, refunded or exchanged." Personally, I'll stick with "I'm With Stupid." It's never been wrong yet.