The Most Intense Ad Ever Made for a City Council's Cable-Access Broadcasts

Blockbuster from Yukon Territory

Pulse-pounding thriller music and dramatic editing capture all the "excitement" of cable-access city-council broadcasts in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, in this tongue-in-cheek (but 100 percent real) promo. The commercial is nearing 80,000 YouTube views in a week. That's more than three times the town's population. High-impact scenes from the Monday-night broadcasts on Community Cable 9 include: a finger tapping a microphone to make sure it works; people writing on sheets of paper; pitchers of ice water sitting on tabletops; middle-aged, graying counselors entering the chamber and, ultimately, sitting down. The spot is so faux-intense, I kept expecting Peter Stormare to burst in … and pour himself a glass of water (though if he ever finds himself on this particular show, he should fire his agent). The highlight is Mayor Dan Curtis announcing that an additional $15,000 was made available to the local museum. Holy cow, what's next, a non-binding referendum on curbside recycling? Tune in Monday to find out, same Whitehorse City Council time, same Whitehorse City Council channel!