The Most Insane Musical Number Ever Performed About Mobile Coupon Technology

Mobeam loses its mind

Startup company Mobeam has patented technology that will allow barcodes to be scanned from smartphone screens at checkouts. The point-of-purchase possibilities are endless for coupons and other far more fun advertising promotions. Plus, it's way better than replacing every checkout scanner in the world. To pimp it, Portal A created this heavily Auto-Tuned supermarket musical, in which a frustrated cashier bursts into song over the wonders of Mobeam. It includes an obligatory rap, a talking fish and a dancing janitor. The video is goofy in the extreme. What it lacks is a compelling subject. Outside of advertisers, no one's really sitting at home thinking, "What I wouldn't give for a mobile solution for the hassle of using paper coupons!" Most of us don't get beyond, "Sweet! A coupon!" in our daily internal coupon monologue. Hopefully, they can tap into their core demographic: those extreme couponers on TLC who stink of the horrors of fanaticism.