Moses Flashes Paparazzi in Ad for Jewish Film Festival

Britney Spears, he's not. But Moses still gives the paparazzi an eyeful in this comic ad for the Toronto Jewish Film Festival—an homage to celebrities everywhere who exit automobiles without underwear. Note the skillful genital pixellation—whoever did that was a pro! The TJFF has notched its first PR victory already, by having the ad rejected by the Toronto Transit Commission. "There are instances where people might not find it funny," says a transit rep. (We can't think of any, but I suppose it's possible.) The poster is part of a series of ads depicting Moses as a movie-theatre employee. Check out a few videos after the jump. In one, he parts a puddle of spilled soda like the Red Sea, so a young lady can pass. In the other, he milks a goat at the concessions stand. Via Work That Matters.