Morose Goth Kid Busts Out Broadway-Style Moves in Ad for Fun-Smelling Shower Gel

Wash the misery away today

Playing on research suggesting fragrance can lift one's mood, a new ad for British fragranced soap and gel brand Radox shows a sullen, black-clad teenager going crazy, Broadway style, to the tune of Summer Twins' "I Will Love You."

Her friends even get in on it, dancing with much grace and enthusiasm—too much for goth kids, really—in an empty skate park.

The ad world still doesn't get that cheerful goth kids are a common thing, since the spot, by Droga5 London, centers on the apparent irony of this trope. Dubbed "Emo," the ad also doesn't acknowledge the difference between goth and emo kids, but both sins can be forgiven since it's so much fun otherwise.

"During my misspent teenage years as a hateful, nihilistic young goth, I wish someone had told me about the mood-altering properties of Radox," says David Kolbusz, chief creative officer at Droga5 London. "Let this campaign serve as a message to all children of the night—misery is a choice. Fragrance can save you."

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