Moronic Ban on Gay Safe-Sex Ads Reversed in Australia

Australian outdoor media company Adshel says it is reinstating a safe-sex campaign after initially removing the posters—featuring two gay men—from bus shelters in the Australian state of Queensland following complaints. The protests were apparently orchestrated by the Australian Christian Lobby. The group's executive director, Wendy Francis, did her cause a grave disservice by making the asinine claim that the ads were objectionable mainly because they showed the gay couple engaging "in some sort of act of foreplay." With a collective groan, Web commenters and folks on Twitter pointed out what's plain for all to see: The two fully clothed men in the poster are simply hugging. In a safe-sex message, you'd hardly expect partners to be shown facing away from each other and standing at opposite ends of the room. You've got to wonder if Ms. Francis would have the same qualms if the photo showed a similarly attired and posed hetero couple. (Yeah, she might.) She also asserted: "If something's not allowed in a children's time slot on TV, I don't think you should put it on a billboard or where children are waiting for the school bus." Well, that explains it! Kids are so used to seeing billboards for fatty foods, sugary soft drinks, and expensive crap they don't need, images of adults embracing and acting responsibly might warp their minds.