The more you drink, the thinner you get

Beerbelly_2 The Beerbelly, a personal stealth beverage delivery system, has to be the funniest trivialization of obesity I’ve ever seen. Given how fat Americans are getting, I’m surprised it took someone this long to cook up a product like this, but it seems like a sweet deal. “Your drink is held in place in an insulated, very comfortable sling under your clothes,” says the Web site, “looking just like a real home grown beer belly.” It also adjusts to fit “up to a 40-inch waist,” which means you can wear it on top of your actual beer belly. The Beerbelly is less obnoxious than those stupid helmets, and looks like something Larry the Cable Guy could shill once people figure out he isn’t funny, if for no other reason than “The Beerbelly gits-r-dun!” would finally mark an acceptable use of his catchphrase. Via Short Takes.

—Posted by David Kiefaber