More Tasteless Ads That Never Ran: The 2012 Chip Shop Awards

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It's time again for the Chip Shop Awards, the one advertising award show that doesn't care whether the ads actually ran or not—or indeed, if you even work for the clients whose ads you're submitting. This has limited value, of course, but at least it leads to some humorous executions. (The categories include Best Use of Shocking Copy, Best Politically Incorrect and Best Use of Bad Taste.) The 2012 finalists have been chosen. This year's entries seem a bit lacking. There's nothing quite on the level of last year's Michael J. Fox and Piers Morgan/Justin Bieber ads. Still, some of them might provoke a guilty chuckle. Check out more of this year's finalists after the jump, and vote for your favorites over at the website.

@nudd Tim Nudd is a former creative editor of Adweek.