More talk about ethics from Liberty Mutual

As content and commerce continue to merge, it’s no surprise that conversations about ethics—which once drove op-ed pieces and columns in the print-media world, which is now rapidly shrinking—these days take place in paid advertising. Hill, Holliday fashioned this push for Liberty Mutual, headlined, “You just witnessed a purse snatching…” Issues of personal safety, right and wrong, are diagramed for our consideration. (Click the image to enlarge.) It’s part of Liberty’s “Responsibility. What’s your policy?” campaign. The insurance company recently sparked some heated debate for buying Google ad keywords related to the suicide of ad exec Paul Tilley. Ethical conduct has always been a matter of opinion; ultimately, the marketplace decides. That’s the marketplace of ideas—which, despite our best intentions, has never been entirely free. Though our ability to choose a course of action still is. For now. So, you just witnessed a purse snatching. What would you do?

—Posted by David Gianatasio