More graphic PSAs, now with crystal meth

Lately, we’ve been noticing some really graphic PSAs, so if you haven’t seen these super-horrific ads detailing the horrors of crystal meth addiction, here’s one to get you started. (Another one, with the headline, "No one thinks they’ll try to tear off their own skin,” was so disgusting, we couldn’t look at it long enough to post it.) The campaign, from a group called the Montana Meth Project, is backed by Thomas Siebel, the tech billionaire who is now looking to get enough financing to keep the campaign, created by San Francisco’s Venables Bell & Partners, running for years. (He has kicked in his own money as well, and is eschewing governmental grants because he thinks the ads are so graphic that they’d never get approved.) In fact, some of the recent ads created by the agency were too graphic even for him, so he killed them—they showed real-life addicts doing things like shooting the drug into their neck.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor