Moosehead fights to free one of its own

Companies don’t often pay the legal bills of random Canadians accused of criminal activity. But Moosehead Breweries couldn’t help it after reading about an Ontario man who is accused of selling a stuffed moose head illegally. Ken Procyk sold the thing on eBay to a bar in Missouri. In doing so, he fell afoul of Ontario’s Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act, and the moose head, nicknamed “Bob,” is now in Canadian custody. Sensing an opportunity, Moosehead beer has begun a “Free Bob” campaign. The company is paying Procyk’s legal bills and already has T-shirts for sale. (Procyk—that’s him in the photo, with Bob and Stacey Procyk—faces a huge fine and up to two years in prison if convicted; he claims he didn’t know he was doing anything wrong.) Add this to Moosehead’s other fun summer activities, which of course include Headball.

—Posted by Tim Nudd