‘Money’ magazine confirms it: Ad types have some of the best jobs in America

TheofficeIn case you were wondering just how good you have it, let Money magazine’s "Best Jobs in America" list reconfirm that the media biz is good. Real good. Of the top 50 jobs in America, market research analysts—ROI anyone?—have the sixth-best job in America, while “advertising managers” (a.k.a. media buyers) are just edged out of the Top 10.  PR jobs are ranked at 20 while copywriters come in at 25 and account execs are rated at 26. I guess art directors, which didn’t make the list at all, will have to take comfort in their uber-funky eyeglasses and impeccably decorated apartments. All in all, not too shabby. So stop whining about your clients not respecting you as "partners." Apparently, you have the better jobs.

—Posted by Deanna Zammit