Mom Blogger Shocked to See Her Photo in Ad for Spanish Psychic

Sarah Pinnix didn't see this in her future

Mild-mannered Christian mom and marketer by day, Spanish psychic by night? No, but thanks to a photo stolen from her social-media profiles, popular blogger Sarah Pinnix is now trying to stop her image from being used to promote an overseas Tarot card reader named Cristal. It's not surprising that someone eventually noticed the photo and realized it was Pinnix, a well-known figure in the mom-blogging community with more than 10,000 Twitter followers. "Someone saw the website and recognized the photo as my headshot that Jenn Hethcoat had taken this year," Pinnix tells AdFreak. "That person sent [Hethcoat] a Facebook message alerting us to the theft." The headshot is one Pinnix currently uses as her profile photo on Twitter, LinkedIn and She is attempting to reach the administrator and registrar to get the photo taken down, but she seems to be handling the photo-identity theft with a sense of humor. She linked to the offending profile on her Facebook page, noting, "Apparently, I moonlight as an international clairvoyant and tarot card reader." This isn't the first time a mom blogger has found her photo being used in odd places around the world. In 2009, Pinnix's friend Danielle Smith found out that a family photo was being used to advertise a Czech grocery store.