Moleskine Asks You to Handwrite All Your Tweets on Saturday for National Handwriting Day

Everyone's doing it

This Saturday, Jan. 23, is the birthday of Founding Father and Declaration of Independence-signer John Hancock. And to celebrate, people all over the country will get arrested for smuggling.

No, that's a lie. They will actually be posting handwritten messages on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook in tribute to Hancock's legendary signature. In fact, and thanks to Moleskine, Hancock's birthday is known as National Handwriting Day, and a handful of famous people are jumping on board.

Bruce Willis and Debra Messing are both participating—Willis' post even gives a shout-out to fellow left-handers!—not to mention Alison Bechdel, who wrote Fun Home, and Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Connie Schultz. 

To participate in this promotional effort disguised as a day of recognition, photograph something handwritten and tag it with #HandwritingDay and #Moleskine when you post it to social media. Select Moleskine outlets will feature Handwriting Day stations where participants will get a free notebook for their trouble.

Make it count: Whatever you post will appear in this gallery, so show off that cursive they don't teach in school anymore to get whatever profundities are lurking inside of you out in the open. None of that "There once was a man from Nantucket" stuff. 

Below, check out more handwritten posts that will hit social media on Saturday: 


Debra Messing


Bruce Willis


Fun Home author Alison Bechdel


Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Connie Schultz


Chef Gabrielle Hamilton


New Yorker cartoonist Liza Donnelly


Adam Leibsohn, COO of Giphy


Model and actress Emma Heming Willis


Columnist Justin Peters


Author Matthew Freedman


Mauro Toselli, CTO at Sketchnoter

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