The Modernista! approach for a good cause

Perhaps there’s an emerging Web aesthetic: the Modernista! school. Many have debated the (de)merits of the Boston shop’s Web 2.0 “un-Web-site” that directs users to content around the Web. (Some say Modernista! didn’t pioneer the approach, giving credit to Minneapolis agency Zeus Jones for doing it first.) Now, StrawberryFrog is using the Modernista! tack with, a charity site set up for Nanhi Kali, a fund to educate poor children in India. Navigate to the site and you’ll get a familiar unsettled experience, with the Nanhi Kali (“Save the girls”) logo appearing in the corner of the screen. Clicking on the links takes visitors to sites across the Internet. The “About” page is the Nanhi Kali Wikipedia entry, the “community” link goes to the Facebook page, and so on. Despite the striking similarities, Frog CEO and prolific blogger Scott Goodson says work on the site began in February (with help from AlbertKen in Sweden), two months before Modernista! launched its agency site. Besides, he adds, the effort isn’t about self-promotion but could “reinvent the way non-profits build social relationships with people [at] a time when social media is a totally new and hugely powerful medium.” Check it out. Goodson urges you to follow Supertramp’s words of wisdom: “Give a little bit of yourself.”

—Posted by Brian Morrissey