Mitchum’s Strategy for Job Interviews Is the Pits

Mitchum has career advice for all you job-seeking funemployed. First: Don't go to an interview with rancid, sweaty underarms. Second: Making up skills you don't actually have, like fluency in Dutch, might convince a company you're employable, when you're not. Not the best idea, really, but at least your pits won't smell like the pits when you get fired on your first day for showing up topless and hungover. Still, the spot, from Mother New York, moves along at a brisk clip, and the art direction is sharp, barring a couple of strange moments. Like, why is the guy's résumé on his abs? And sure, Amsterdam is known for windmills, but what's up with the nipple-flicking spin? Nonetheless, credit where it's due: The dog's predicament is way cuter, and more pitiable, than the dude's.