Miracle Whip ads: Love them or hate them?

Miracle Whip

It’s a renegade brand, see? It throws up video showing people trashing its product and takes out full-page ads admitting it’s not for everyone. Except this new Miracle Whip campaign, from ad agency mcgarrybowen, seems fairly disingenuous, given the almost lyrical jabs that some of its fans (and non-fans) are throwing its way. Example: James Carville opines that “Miracle Whip is America,” while an unnamed man-on-the-street says it “tastes like spreadable disappointment.” Amy Sedaris says it’s “great in the bedroom,” and I can believe she’s really freaky like that. But Jersey Shore‘s Pauly D wouldn’t eat it or use it on his ‘do—and we’re supposed to believe he wasn’t paid for that anti-endorsement? The first commercial in the new campaign hit during this week’s episode of the Fox musical Glee, and a full-page ad in newspapers followed, pointing people to the video snippets on a YouTube page where the “lovers” vastly outnumber the “haters” (10,400 to about 600, at most recent count). This is all a continuation of earlier Miracle Whip ads meant to portray the brand as hip, wild and anti-establishment, if such descriptions can even be applied to a condiment. Not to mention, it’s a rip-off of Marmite’s “Love it or hate it” campaign in the U.K. You be the judge. Do you buy Miracle Whip’s “Keep it tangy, bro” posture? Or does it leave a weird taste in your mouth?