Mini Hummers roar into pediatric wards

It wasn’t long ago that GM was under fire for putting kids behind the wheels of Corvettes (albeit in a dream sequence). Now, the company is putting kids behind the wheels of Hummers (though for a better cause). As part of its “Courageous Kids” program, the automaker has enabled its Hummer dealers to distribute battery-operated (i.e., somewhat environmentally friendly) mini-Hummers (H4s?) to the pediatric wards of hospitals. The idea is to ease the stress of disease by allowing kids to drive themselves to surgery. Having spent some time (not a lot, but enough to never want to go back) in the pediatric ward of a hospital, anything that makes kids’ surgeries easier is a good thing. Though I have to admit a little fear that my own children will get wind of this little perk and actually want to go to the hospital, just so they can drive their own Hummers.

—Posted by Aaron Baar