Mini crafts epic, awesome monster-truck ad


Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! God, I wish the weekend were here. Mini spoofs monster-truck rallies to the max in this fun clip from Amsterdam shop BSUR. A five-ton mega-truck attempts to jump four Minis. This is presented in slow-mo 3-D in theaters (and 2-D elsewhere). The process was developed by eggheads at MIT, probably between designing micro-nuclear weapons for the Department of Defense and social games for Apple—or vice versa. The slow-mo effects in the pyrotechnic-laced, power-ballad-driven 1:30 spot allow us to savor lots of awesome details that otherwise would have sped by too quickly to be grasped the first time around. You gotta love the frenzied, fanatical white-trash crowd, especially the doughy dude who v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y spills his food all over himself and his drink on the woman in front of him. Other inspired touches include a guy in a chicken suit racing across the arena floor (in slow-mo!) and footage of the daredevil driver in the truck's cab gripping the wheel in abject terror (and in slow-mo!). This ad has me completely sold! I want to buy such a vehicle. A monster truck, I mean. I'd look so damn macho driving one of those bad boys to Whole Foods!