Milton Glaser Explains the Value of Design Beyond Just Selling Stuff

Legendary creative on his philosophy and biggest hits

"By the time I was in kindergarten, I had been designated as class artist. Some of the older kids discovered that I could draw girls doing unspeakable things, and I could get a nickel apiece for those."

Thus began the illustrious career of design legend Milton Glaser, 85, who discusses his life and work in this insightful and charming video made by Poppy de Villeneuve for The New York Times.

Among the many highlights packed into three minutes:

• Glaser recalls creating the iconic "I [Heart] NY" logo on an envelope while riding in a cab: "It was an expression that people felt, and it was sort of inside out rather than outside in."

• He recounts the early days of New York magazine: "We learned on the job. It was so primitive—no computers of any kind."

• And he reveals the simple yet awesome power of design: "You invent what is real when you look at something and draw it."

It's an inspiring piece that transcends its subject matter, reminding viewers that magic can happen in business and life when you follow your heart.

Separately, Glaser has also weighed in on Hillary Clinton's much-debated presidential campaign logo. Check out his verdict here.

Via Design Taxi.