Military babes give Israeli tourism a jolt

It’s a pity there isn’t a Cannes Lion for the Most Tarted-Up Tourism Campaign. An effort cooked up by Israeli officials would be a finalist, at least. As the New York Post reports, it features some pretty hot-looking babes, including 2004 Miss Israel winner Gal Gadot (shown here). And this Gal has got the goods, dressed to thrill in a bikini that covers about 3 percent of her well-endowed body. (We’re sure her mind is beautiful, too). As part of the campaign, the Israelis collaborated with lad mag Maxim on a feature called “Women of the Israeli Defense Forces.” They are a man-eating bunch, and the poor bastards who try to take them on don’t stand a chance. But some party-poopers in the Israeli parliament are calling the campaign “pornographic.” Which it isn’t. No one is having sex. Granted, Gal is spread eagle, back arched and seems to be saying with her eyes, “Take me big boy, I’m yours,” but no one is actually doing it. As one of the campaign’s orchestrators, David Saranga of the Israeli consulate, puts it, “We want to show that we are a normal society, like others.” Why does that make me think of the good old U.S. of A.? Oh, right—because of the new show NBC announced last week, Without Breasts There Is No Paradise. Breast obsession. Perfectly normal.

—Posted by Steve McClellan