Mike's Hard Lemonade Welcomes Some Unexpected Visitors

Headless deer, 30-foot woman among latest ad stars

I get a righteous buzz from Grey New York's latest ads for Mike's Hard Lemonade, designed to portray the beverage as "always different, always refreshing." Scruffy young dudes hang out in a house, swigging the product, and each of three spots—directed by Harold Einstein of Station Films—presents a different tipsy scenario based on who or what rings the doorbell. Visitors include a gnarly scarecrow who really loves his work; a 30-foot-tall woman in search of the giant red high-heeled shoe she left behind the night before; and best of all, a headless deer (its face and antlers are hanging on the wall). Note how the torso just stands there, its sides undulating as if it's drawing in breath. Not so tough now, eh, bucko! I enjoyed this batch of ads just as much as Mike's recent golf-course vignettes and its series about two guys fishing on a lake. Sweet stuff, Mike's—so far, not a lemon in the bunch! Two more spots plus credits after the jump.