Microsoft’s Vista has a peculiar vision

We’ve spent part of the morning rambling around this site,, that in some fashion is supporting the launch of Microsoft’s Vista. From McCann in San Francisco, it features a comedian called Demetri Martin, whom for expediency’s sake we’ll refer to as Microsoft’s answer to Justin Long. The site appears to be a tongue-in-cheek campaign based around the idea of computers as the tools of self-realization (see HP ads, Mac ads, etc.). It’s kind of amusing but a little hard to figure out. The centerpiece of the site is a series of short films, in which Martin travels to something called the Institute for Advanced Personhood. The other way in which this effort resembles other recent computer marketing efforts is, well, in that it features farting. At one point, an animated version of Martin, who is babbling away on the home page, admits that he just unleashed “a tiny one, but you can’t smell the screen.” Is there some link between self-realization and farting that we weren’t aware of?

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor