Microsoft Ridicules Shaggy, Obsolete, ’70s-Style IT Plans

Don't buy anything from Tad

Meet Tad. He's looked at cloud computing from both sides now, and decided that selling "an outdated IT plan from the back of a van" is the way to go. Yes, '70s humor has been done to death, but it's hard to dislike this pro-cloud spot for Microsoft from Deutsch. Our porn-stached, leather-jacketed pitchman resembles just about every dope-dealing bad guy from period cop shows like Hawaii Five-O and The Rockford Files. Tad works for the fictional VMlimited, a not-so-subtle swipe at firms like VMWare that offer infrastructure-focused virtualization options as opposed to service-oriented cloud-based solutions. Buyer: "The price you're giving me, is that based on unlimited use?" Tad: "Oh, absolutely. In fact, the more you use, the more you pay." The vignette scores by maintaining its light touch while never losing focus on the broader message: Such competitors really don't know clouds at all.