Microsoft Hires Creator of Homemade Windows Phone Ads

Here's your feel-good story of the day: A Microsoft fan named Brandon Foy has landed a design job with the company based on two homemade commercials he created for the Windows phone. See the ads below. The first, posted to YouTube in February, has almost 150,000 views. The second, posted in April, has about 110,000 views. Microsoft took note of Foy's efforts, and said it would even air the second spot nationally if it reached 200,000 views. It hasn't—but now Foy is being rewarded anyway. "Awesome day! Huge thanks to everyone who supported my #WP7 videos. Today was my first day as a UX Designer for #MSFT! =D" he tweeted on Monday. Congrats, Mr. Foy. Your move, Apple.