Mickey, Hilton, Curry join podcasting brigade

What do Disneyland, Paris Hilton and former shaggy-haired MTV veejay Adam Curry have in common? All are plugging their new podcasts this week. According to podcastingnews.com,  Disneyland will send out podcasts of three days of “celebrity-filled festivities” leading to the May 5th launch of the Happiest Celebration on Earth, an 18-month commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Disneyland in California. It will simultaneously kick off ceremonies at Disney parks around the world. Also, you can lose minutes of your life and never get them back by listening to Paris Hilton shop and tool around town with her chihuahua and friends, in her podcasts for her upcoming horror flick House of Wax. And former Headbanger’s Ball host Curry is set to launch his own shown on Sirius Satellite Radio next Friday … the 13th. Curry’s four-hour, weekday program “will feature highlights and insights from the world of podcasting and will introduce listeners to a completely new range of talent and artists from around the world, including the best new, undiscovered music.” Curry, whose inner geek sprang to the fore during the dot-com bubble, is called the “father of podcasting” in this release from Sirius, which credits him with helping “design the digital tools that have made podcasting a worldwide phenomenon.” We don’t know about you, but we’re already sick of podcasts—and we’ve never even heard one.

—Posted by Celeste Ward