Michigan moms spice up tequila advertising


Leave it to two women in their late 30s with eight kids between them to be causing car accidents on Michigan highways with their liquor advertising. Adrienne Graves-Mensack (married with five kids) and Lisa Spitler (single mother of three) are importing Alien Tequila into the state, and developing their own campy-suggestive ads under the theme, “Be abducted.” For a billboard on I-96 in Brighton Township, the ladies struck their sexiest poses—and it apparently worked, as the board distracted drivers enough to cause “a minor four-car crash,” according to local reports. “It’s supposed to get you to look at the poster and at the product, and it did its job. It got attention,” Spitler says. The Alien brand, imported from Mexico, has its own larger campy ad campaign with an abduction theme. Check out two of those spots after the jump.