Michelob Ultra Chronicles What It Takes to Ride 205 Miles in a Day

Short films follow four riders from Seattle to Portland

Coming together on a ride from Seattle to Portland. PB&
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Though Portland and Seattle have a Pacific Northwest rivalry, the cities can agree on cycling. Both often appear on lists of the most bike-friendly places in America due to the number of bike paths and cultures that value cycling—and the Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic (known as the STP) is where it all comes together.

Beginning Saturday, the 205-mile course welcomes around 10,000 cyclists from seven countries. The course meanders its way through scenic valleys, farmlands and forests of western Washington and Oregon. Some complete it in one day, while others take two days to cover the distance.

One team’s journey, sponsored by Michelob Ultra, is chronicled in a series of films from Seattle’s PB&.

You can watch the trailer here:

The full series is available on the Stories of the Centuries site (a century is a 100-mile ride, ergo the title). It follows four cyclists and their motivations to make the journey from The Emerald City to The Rose City in a single day. To one rider, it’s spiritual. To another, after having twins last fall, it’s all about the challenge. A former Iron Man competitor and another avid rider round out the quartet.

Shot by director Patrick Kehoe, the series features the region itself as a co-star—with sweeping vistas, beautiful cinematography and production capturing its essence. Creatively, the concept fits nicely with the brand’s drive to help drinkers celebrate their active, balanced lifestyles since its inception in 2002. (You can read more about the brand’s athletic connection in Adweek’s profile of Michelob Ultra Marketing VP Azania Andrews, one of our Most Powerful Women in Sports for 2018.)

The fastest-growing beer brand in the United States, Michelob Ultra is taking a thoughtful approach to regional efforts connecting with the broader national brand. In addition to the STP, partnerships include the New York City Marathon and the Ultra Fit Fest, a premium weekend getaway in Phoenix this fall that combines beer and fitness. Nationally, continued connection through Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon Series, World Surf League and PGA Tour partnerships show a clear line between the brand and active lifestyles.

In the meantime, the spotlight sits in the Northwest corner of the United States this weekend, as Team Ultra takes on the STP.


Agency: PB&
Director/Cinematographer: Patrick Kehoe
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