Michelin Man a friend to roadkill everywhere


The bulked-up Michelin Man gets really superhero-like in this new spot (posted below), the second in a new global campaign from TBWA\Chiat\Day, following the earlier "Gas Pump ad. This time, Bibendum saves a purple bunny from getting smooshed on the pavement like its less fortunate forest-mates. The Psyop-animated spot says Michelin tires stop up to 14 feet shorter than those of the competition. ("At what speed?" you might ask, but get no answer.) Frankly, the way that rabbit struts out into traffic, he had it coming. Bibendum is almost godlike here, reviving the crushed critters—which look more like gremlins than woodland creatures—so they can continue to dig up gardens and get snared in hunters' traps. Thanks, Bibendum! That's his name, it's true. I would've guessed Frank.

—Posted by David Gianatasio