Michael Jordan Waxes Poetic in Gatorade’s New Paean to Sweat

It's not all created equal

Gatorade really does love sweat.

Last year, the brand's hidden-camera ads with Peyton Manning and Cam Newton required customers at a convenience store to "sweat it to get it." If would-be consumers couldn't show visible signs of a workout, they couldn't buy Gatorade.

Now, an epic new spot—created by TBWA\Chiat\Day and voiced by Michael Jordan—makes it clear that "not all sweat is created equal." In other words, if your sweat isn't the intense kind, spilled in pursuit of sporting glory, then your sweat is pretty boring, and you should probably try harder. (That way, you'll sweat more, and need more Gatorade.)

It's a well put-together, if slightly obvious play—featuring celebrities like Serena Williams, April Ross and Usain Bolt, and released on the heels of the brand's revival of its famous "Be Like Mike" campaign. The new ad does have at least one YouTube commenter a little nervous about the contents of the sports drink, though.