Michael Bay Crashing the Super Bowl With Doritos

One winner will work on 'Transformers 4'

Michael Bay, unquestionably the greatest cinematic genius of all time, is teaming up with Doritos, which makes a damn fine chip, for the seventh annual installment of the brand's "Crash the Super Bowl" contest for consumer-generated ads. A pair of winning spots—one selected by Doritos (Bay is a judge) and another by an online poll—will air during the Feb. 3 broadcast. The creator of the spot that scores higher on the USA Today Ad Meter ranking will be invited to work with Bay on Transformers 4, although Megan Fox won't be in this one, which, to my way of thinking, makes the prize considerably less enticing. (There's an additional $1 million prize if one of the ads finishes at No. 1 on the Ad Meter, which is hardly out of the question, based on past results.) Look for this year's slate of amateur auteurs to put Bay-inspired spins on the usual themes. For example, just imagine how much better last year's big winners, "Man's Best Friend" and "Sling Baby," would've been if the infant and dog had transformed and exploded.