Mexico Tourism Board Made Billboards Out of Snow in Chicago This Spring

Cool messages of warmth from Lapiz

There was enough snow this winter, and spring, that agencies started making ads with it.

At least, Lapiz did in this fun campaign for the Mexico Tourism Board. After an unexpected springtime snowstorm in Chicago, the agency called on local street artist NosE Lanariz to make some outdoor ads from the stuff—as you can see in the video below.

The campaign hit three locations in the city, with headlines like, "Take Your Clothes Off", "Come Melt Under The Sun" and "Beaches With Sand This White."


Client: Mexico Tourism Board

Campaign: "Snow Graffiti"

Agency: Lapiz

Chief Creative Officer: Laurence Klinger

Executive Creative Director: Fabio Seidl

Creative Director: Carlos Ia Murad

Associate Creative Director: Flavio Pina

Copywriter: Eduardo Vea Keating

Producers: Bobby Gruenberg, Aldo Gagliardi

General Manager: Gustavo Razzetti

Account team: Ernesto Adduci, Pablo Sabouret

Director, Editor (video): Ben Derico

Editor: Jonny Arcila

Finish House: Optimus

Artist: NosE Lanariz

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