Mexican-American Girl creates controversy

An American Girl doll named Marisol Luna has caused a bit of a flap because her back story has her yearning to escape a Chicago neighborhood she deems dangerous for the suburbs. Some children who actually live in that largely Mexican neighborhood, Pilsen, found Marisol’s tale demeaning. A group from a Pilsen high school marched earlier this week in front of American Girl’s North Side store to demand an apology from American Girl owner Mattel. They also want scholarships and money from the company. Mattel so far has said no dice, perhaps hardened to such protests by past complaints like those over Barbie’s tiny waist and full bust, which some literalists said represented an unfair model of womanhood for little girls. A doll would seem to be the epitome of childhood innocence, a tool for fantasy. But the real world butts in everywhere, it seems. Marisol Luna, with the book telling her story, continues to sell for $84 on