Method Man Does Sweet Rap for Sour Patch Kids

Candy messes with the hip-hop star

Here's a sweet-and-sour bit of branded music: Method Man brings the pain for Sour Patch Kids, which on Tuesday released a video starring the rapper titled "World Gone Sour (The Lost Kids)." The spot, created by Mother New York (which appears to be making a habit of such content), features an indignant Method rapping about misplaced anthropomorphized candy that exists with the sole purpose of making your life a nightmare. Anyone who's ever eaten Sour Patch Kids—or had kids who have eaten Sour Patch Kids—probably knows there's a kernel of truth in this. The gummy treats and their messy sugar coatings tend to turn up in troublesome places. Now, though, they'll "throw bleach in your laundry, then unfold your origami," Method Man informs us. They'll also cut holes in all of your pockets. In other words, the Sour Patch Kids are still assholes. They're bad enough, apparently, to warrant comparison to Method Man's deceased fellow Wu Tang Clan member: "These kids ain't worried—they play dirty like they're O.D.B."