Mercedes M-Class Survives a Demolition Derby Without a Scratch in Fiery New Spot

Victory through evasion

Mercedes-Benz USA puts the "demo" in demolition derby for this fun 60-second spot by Merkley + Partners touting the latest high-tech safety features of the automaker's M-Class vehicles. All hell breaks loose when a woman drives her shiny silver SUV into a crash-crazed competition of mangled metal and screaming steel. Smash! Bang! Screeeech! This particular carmageddon, pulse-pounding but also played for laughs, was impressively staged at an old California factory where the final confrontation in Terminator II: Judgement Day was shot.

Naturally, the M-Class emerges unscathed and its driver unharmed. Her ordeal was fiery and fierce, but notably less stressful than the wars waged for parking spaces at malls across America on any given Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!