Meow Mix Unveils Catstarter, a Kickstarter for Cats

Support cool new inventions for your favorite feline

It's a wonder that cat-related brands don't already rule the Internet.

Cat-food brand and renowned jingle lover Meow Mix makes a move in that direction with an amusing and even potentially useful parody of Kickstarter—called Catstarter—envisioned as a way to crowdsource cool new cat-related inventions. Ad agency EVB conceived the site as a playful, feline-focused version of the well-known crowdfunding platform. But instead of actually backing Catstarter projects financially, you can just click on the ones you like, and Meow Mix will produce the most popular ones.

The site launches with three products; the top vote getter will go into production this spring. (The heated companion keyboard is an inspired one that I'll back right now.) It's also an R&D lab of sorts, as the brand also wants people to suggest ideas for making kitty lives better—something we can all get behind, yes?

Full credits below.


Client: Meow Mix

Campaign: Meow Mix Catstarter

Agency: EVB 

Executive Creative Director: Steve Babcock

Creative Directors: Patrick Maravilla (Copy), David Byrd (Art)

Art Director: Tom Zukoski

Copywriter: Nate Gagnon

Designer: Markandeya Sendan

Illustrator: Natalia Martinez

Motion Graphics Designer: Kevin Brown

Sound Designer: J. Michael Neal

Director of Technology: Ken Goldfarb

Lead Interactive Developer: Josh Kanner

Interactive Developer: Ken Crosby

Senior Producer: Kevin Turner

Vice President, Director of Account Management: Kathleen Foutz

Strategist: Neeti Newaskar

Producer: Kevin Turner